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Continuation Of Legend – Omega Speedmaster Replica Watch With Yellow Dial

It is the 50th anniversary of human’s moon landing and the Omega’s first appearance on the moon. Omega launched a special perfect copy Omega watch that created in 1969 which was to commemorate the landing of Apollo 11. After seeing the feature of that model, you will find it is exactly the same with the original model.

The timepiece has reproduced the essence and appearance of the original model.

Omega Copy With Moonshine Gold Case

Referring to the original model, it has been manufactured 1014 pieces during the period from 1969 to 1973. Those models were all with the gold cases and bracelets and the bezels were burgundy. Meanwhile, it was also the brand’s first numbered versions and the models from No.3 to No.28 and No.1001 to No.1008 were given to astronauts of NASA as gifts.

The Speedmaster is very precious as it is made of the precious metal.

Significant Omega Speedmaster Fake


The new Omega Speedmaster fake with burgundy ceramic bezel has reproduced the appearance of the original model perfectly. With the modern technology, the legendary and significant model performs more precisely and reliably.

Introducing Ceramic Omega Replica Watches With Cool Appearance

In 2014, Omega adopted the ceramic to manufacture its products, releasing the “Dark side of the Moon” which caused a heat in the market. So in 2016 it created the similar ceramic model to enrich the family of Seamaster – Planet Ocean Deep Black. The perfect fake Omega Seamaster features a black ceramic bezel and ceramic case.

The orange elements on the model make it more dynamic.

Steel Case Replica Omega

Unlike the ceramic of Rolex, the material of Omega is zirconia ceramic and red or blue rubber. Why do many watch brands like to use the ceramic to produce its watches? It is light and offering greater resistance to the scratching. In 2017, Omega released a brilliant Planet Ocean – blue ceramic case copy Omega which will make the wearers very eye-catching.

Omega has now manufactures many models which are made of the ceramic.

Black Ceramic Case Fake Omega Seamaster

Last year, Omega released several models which were with the ceramic bezel and ceramic case. The red elements on the all-black reliable knockoff watch are striking and eye-catching, which will make the wearers more dynamic. With the calibre 9900, this timepiece performs accurately and reliably.