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US Swiss Made Replica Omega Speedmaster World Cup — Group Stage Results So Far

Hi and hello, sports fans! Welcome to the perfect fake Omega Speedmaster World Cup! With all eight groups published and the voting in full swing, it’s time for a quick round-up of how your favorite Speedies are progressing (or not) so far…

Over the past four weeks, we’ve launched two four-watch groups every weekend. Our selected limited edition AAA best replica Omega Speedmaster watches have been duking it out, tooth and nail. With the first quarter-final between RJ and Ben due to run this Saturday, I thought I’d give you a quick round-up of what’s been happening. If you don’t like the way the vote is going, you still have time to change it! Vote yourself! Share these posts with your friends and family! Wave your Speedy flag from the window, yelling at passers-by to get involved. I really would appreciate it, whichever route you choose…

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Group A — The Boss brings the heat…

As you probably know, RJ is a vicious tyrant who rules the Fratello iron castle with a blazing fist of hellfire. As such, it was no surprise he snaffled some of the tastiest Omega Speedmasters ever released for his Group. Now while this means that three absolute humdingers will fall at the first hurdle, it has guaranteed an interesting match-up between some heavy-hitters that we would not have seen had these models been spaced out throughout the comp.

Before this article went live, our feeling was that this would be a two-horse race. We figured it would be between the Moonshine and the Snoopy 2015. That kind of bore out, but the Ultraman Speedmaster (my personal vote, despite being a late convert to the design) has thrown a spanner in the works. Thus face, the second #SpeedyTuesday edition has coraled 26% of the vote. From whom those votes have come, we don’t know, but I’m sure the Moonshine would love dearly a slice…

The Snoopy 2015 looks set to be marching on. With the vote slated to run until Friday before the winner is officially announced, there is still time for the Moonshine (or maybe even the Ultraman) to catch that pesky Beagle, but it will take one heck of a turnaround. Vote now if you hate dogs on watches.

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Group B — The Englishman takes a refined tack

Ben got a bit of heat for the “weaker” line-up of his Group. However, it all comes down to personal taste, remember. What was clear about this one from the get-go, was that the FOIS would take some beating. That really played out as we imagined. Currently, the (soon-to-be-discontinued-so-buy-one-now-if-you-want/can) FOIS is streaking into the quarters where I anticipate it will provide stiffer-than-expected competition for the Snoopy 2015 (should that one hold off the challenge of the Moonshine/Ultraman).

While the Snoopy 2016 would be the clear favorite to progress to the Semis, there is a lot to be said for the clean-lined brilliance and purity of the FOIS. Also, the lack of a dog on the dial will surely split the vote. Out of nowhere, we look to have a really compelling battle on our hands in the last 8. If these two make it into QF1, I for one am somewhat on the fence. I will certainly be voting, however, and I implore you all too as well. If you haven’t already cast your vote in Group B, do so now.

Will the Speedmaster TinTin become a valued collectible one day? Who knows, but it’s a lovely watch!

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Group C — From Florida with love

It’s been a pretty bad week for Floridian voters in general. Thankfully, our in-house American (assembled deep beneath our lair in the Hague, built from old cheap Swiss made replica watches parts, liquid luxury, and internationally-renowned sarcasm (which looks like herby cream cheese in its solid form)), has risen above the furor back home to deliver us a super-strong Group that looks to be following the script.

The only people that don’t like the “Tintin” Speedmaster are those governing the Hergé estate. Famously, the family of Tintin’s creator wasn’t best pleased when this nickname took hold (which is totally understandable, given the model originated on the back of a failed collaboration twixt Georges Prosper Remy’s descendants and Omega). In the paraphrased words of DT/GT, they should probably, “chill, and go to a good old fashioned movie with a friend!”

As a massive Tintin fan growing up, this model should have become part of my collection when it was available. Regrettably, in those days I was still getting a Tintin book every Christmas from my mum because they were too expensive for me to buy myself. A desperately sad story. Nowadays, it reminds me now of how lucky I am to be surrounded by these beautiful curios on a daily basis. And as beautiful as the other three models in Mike’s group are (I voted for the Rising Sun), the Tintin looks likely to move on. But it isn’t locked-up yet. The “60th Anniversary” model is only 100 votes back. Effect the outcome here.

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Group D — Fratello’s very own Genta gets serious…

Jorg is known for his stirring design insights. It is no wonder, then, that Group D contained one of the most-loved special editions ever (if column inches are anything to go by). The 2008 Alaska Project Speedmaster was an instant classic. It was, as such, an instant favorite to progress from a group that offered up some pretty stiff competition.

The Apollo 35th Anniversary model, with its crisp Panda dial, is no slouch. Some solid gold and a watch regarded as worth its weight in it rounded-out a sleeper group that could easily propel any one of the featured models to the semi-finals.

At the time of writing, the Alaska Project 2008 is just about 150 votes to the good. The Apollo 35 is in second position, but could still claw it back with a couple of weeks to run in this one.

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What to expect…

If nothing changes, QF1 will see the Snoopy 2015 Speedmaster take on the FOIS. This would be an intriguing battle that looks straightforward on paper but could throw up a surprise winner. QF2 would be between the Tintin and the Alaska Project 2008. Either one could feasibly win the whole thing. Make sure to chime in on that one when (if) the time comes…

So we turn it over to you, the Fratelli, to decide. Share these articles wherever you can. Bang the drum for your champions. Be part of the very first Omega Speedmaster World Cup and help us crown a worthy winner!