Antique Omega Speedmaster TV Replica Watch With Special Dial

By | January 5, 2019

It is fortunately to see the Omega Speedmaster Day-Date TV Ref.176.0014 when travelling in France. As the case looks really like an old TV, it was named Speedmaster TV watch. The design of this precious copy wristwatch proves that the fashion is constantly circling. The popular TV square dial in 1970s has hardly dated at all.

The antique Omega has been preserved excellently.

Automatic Movement Imitation Omega Speedmaster

It is mentioning that the logo on the back is Seamaster instead of Speedmaster. At the beginning I though that the case had ever been replaced before, later I found that the logo was used on the diving watches which presented the professional attitude. The Speedmaster and Railmaster released in 1957 had all been engraved with the logo of Seamaster, symbolizing the professional spirit. When I buy it and wear this Omega Speedmaster fake watch with steel case, I just want to praise the beauty inherited by mechanical watches.

The square TV dial still looks very fashionable nowadays.

Steel Bracelet Replica Omega Speedmaster

When I see this rare Omega imitation watch, many classic models created in 1970s have come into my mind. We admire the avant-garde design concept of them and we know that Omega has never stopped its steps of innovating.

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