Brief Introduction Of History Of Fake Omega Electroquartz F8192 Watches

By | November 29, 2019

Today’s model is a perfect Omega replica watch made by 18ct gold, which was also called as “puprite”. It was the most expensive model in the Electroquartz collection at that time. The initial sales price was as high as 2,200 dollars. While at that time, the steel version was only sold at 630 dollars.

The appearance of this Omega Electroquartz is quite different and distinctive.

Gold Bracelet Fake Omega Electroquartz

While the most popular product – Speedmaster moon watch was only sold at 180 dollars at that time. When comparing with the Speedmaster, you will find that these Electroquartz were so expensive. The movement Beta 21 that drives the Omega Electroquartz copy watch with gold case was much more precise than any Swiss mechanical movement.

The quartz Omega was sold at a much higher price than other automatic editions.

Precise Knockoff Omega Electroquartz F8192

Many Swiss watchmakers hope that the technology of quartz could resist the crisis that Seiko quartz movement took. It is strange that the new Electroquartz movement has all been equipped on the gold watches. So the price of these watches is much higher than other automatic editions.

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