Innovative Moonshine 18K Gold Of Fake Omega Speedmaster Watches

By | November 9, 2019


After the developing and use of Sedna 18k gold and Canopus18k gold, Moonshine 18k gold has been developed and launched in 2019. Omega has gathered the metallurgists of Swatch group, technique experts and scientists, studying out more suitable ratio of gold, cooper, silver and palladium, creating the brand new alloy that is more bright and brilliant.

Moonshine 18k gold is more durable than ordinary gold.

Glorious Omega Speedmaster Imitation Watches

In order to pay tribute to 50th anniversary of humans’ successful landing on the moon. Omega especially launched the particularly commemorative timepiece which has reproduced the glory of the original Speedmaster at that time. Omega even hopes to meet the unique luster of moon from the material, so Moonshine 18k gold was born. The unique color and lustre is inspired by the moonlight of profound night sky. With the Moonshine 18k gold, the burgundy ceramic bezel copy Omega looks more vintage.

The movement could be viewed through the transparent case back.

Moonshine Gold Bracelet Fake Omega

The unique material is more durable and not easy to be oxidized. It could be considered as the upgraded version of ordinary gold. The perfect Omega Speedmaster replica watches also allow us to appreciate the beauty of the exquisite and legendary movement.

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