Introducing The High Technology Of Ceramic Crafts Of Swiss Omega Replica Watches

By | December 13, 2018

Many watch lovers knows it is really difficult to create the colored ceramic bezel even though many people consider that it is an easy job. Now luxury fake Omega has done well in manufacturing high-tech ceramic in different colors.

Advanced technology

The blue and red rubber on the black ceramic bezel are eye-catching.

Black Ceramic Bezel Of Replica Omega Seamster Planet Ocean

You must work hard and try many times if you want to achieve the anticipated colors. For watchmakers, they have to master enough chemistry knowledge to find the right methods to color the ceramic. Omega succeeds. The research helps Omega win several patents. In addition, Omega is committed to produce the bezel and dial with innovative colors and tones, and they have developed many innovative materials too, including the Liquidmetal™ created in 2009, which was used on cheap copy Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean. Combining the technology of Ceragold®, Omega has gained the bright colors and shimmer visual effect.

Bright color

This Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean looks youthful and dynamic.

Black Dial Replica Omega Seamaster

If wanting to create the bright color on the bezel such as the bright orange on the first 15 minutes of the bezel of Planet Ocean, the first material of Omega must be the rubber. Although it couldn’t be considered as the top technology, when the rubber injects into the bezel, the visual effect is amazing. Look at the knockoff watch with black NATO strap, you will know the charm of the such a unique design.

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