Sedna Gold Adds Glamor To The Swiss Luxury Replica Omega Speedmaster 38 For Women

By | March 30, 2021

In 2017, Omega introduced the 38 mm replica Omega Speedmaster designed especially for women. Last year, the Swiss brand released the same model in full yellow gold and full Sedna Gold. Prior to those stellar releases, the model had enjoyed quite a lot of popularity among both sexes. This probably has something to do with the familiar shapes and silhouettes at play.

The Speedmaster 38 line is a combination of classic Moonwatch design and De Ville chronograph dial tropes. The ladies’ diamonds bezel copy Omega Speedmaster 38 incorporates horizontally-orientated oval sub-dials and an oval date window. The softer colors of the dial, bezel insert, and leather straps, coupled with the finer typography and serene spacing of the dial elements, make this an overall less aggressive proposition than the standard modern-day Speedmasters.

The Sedna Gold Statement
I must confess, I’ve owned the Speedmaster 38 for quite a while. The version I wear (at least) every Tuesday has the sun-brushed grey dial and comes on a bracelet. As you can imagine, I requested this special Speedmaster 38 in Sedna Gold for a review to add a little sparkle to my life. However, I also wanted to find out if such a statement piece would suit my personality. In this regard, this model did not disappoint me.

Versatility to the max
Even though the lockdown plays a strong role in our lives, enjoying this timepiece during my virtual GTGs or in the office was a pleasure. The Sedna gold case is adorned with a diamond-studded bezel, which brings enough sparkle to any ensemble to make even a basic t-shirt look fancy. The laid-back tones of the watch mean it can be worn alongside casual wear without concern. While I loved the so-called “cappuccino” dial (with brown sub-dials), this more minimalistic effort is almost therapeutic to read. It also adds an extra touch of refinement to the visage, which is underpinned by the Haute Joallerie elements such as the diamond bezel and Sedna gold case that make this watch so versatile.
That silvered dial is delicate yet sophisticated. It harmonizes expertly with the tone of Sedna gold and the stunning dual bezel design. However, I wish that both the full gold versions and the two-tone models came on bracelets. Notably, in my view, watches with stunning bracelets (like my steel Speedmaster 38) are like utilitarian jewelry that never goes out of style.
The Co-Axial Calibre 3330
The brown leather strap replica Omega Speedmaster 38 in Sedna Gold not only brings life to any outfit, inside this watch we can find the self-winding triple-register chronograph movement. Caliber 3330 features the Co-Axial escapement and the Si14 silicon balance spring for improved accuracy and run time, which comes in at 52 hours.

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