Top Quality Omega Centenary 2500 Replica Watches For Sale Online

By | May 10, 2021

In the same year as the Seamaster was introduced (1948), Omega also introduced its Centenary model. It was Omega’s first chronometer-certified watch with a self-winding movement. This is high quality Omega Constellation reference 2500 replica watch and has a case diameter of 35.5mm. It is basically the predecessor of the Constellation, which was introduced in 1952. You can say that the Centenary paved the way for the Constellation collection. Inside is Omega’s caliber 30.10 — a bumper automatic.

Omega produced 4,000 of the luxury fake Omega Centenary reference 2500 watches (and about 2,000 of that other Centenary reference, 2499). You don’t come across these Centenary watches often but expect to pay around €3,000 for a nice and original 18ct model in good condition.

I love these vintage Swiss movement copy Omega Centenary models because they are so classically styled, even more so than the later Constellation models in my opinion. A perfect vintage dress watch on a leather strap.

So let us know what you made of this list. I’d love to hear about your favorite vintage clone Omega watches in the comments below.

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